Readings Testimonial 4

"I was extremely excited to work with Ashley and learn more about my soul and what guidance the Akashic Records wanted to share with me. I felt completely comfortable and calm working with Ashley in this rather intense and personal experience, even though we just met. The information Ashley channeled made a lot of sense and has overall made me feel really incredible about my life and where I’m at. It was so fun to learn about my soul and I highly recommend working with Ashley in this capacity, especially if you have any curiosities about past lives, what you should be doing, how you can best channel your passions in this life, etc. My advice: take time to think about the questions you want to ask. I was speechless at times during our session and it was very nice to have prepared questions on hand. I will definitely be working with Ashley in the future! A few hours after our session ended I already had a handful of ideas of what I want to ask next time. This is a wonderful service she provides and I’m honoured I got to work with her. Much love to Ashley. I really appreciated how Ashley took time to discuss what the experience was like for her (reading my Records), and we chatted for about 5-10 minutes about the most interesting and surprising things I learned during the reading. It was so cool to hear what she saw in more depth and just have someone to talk it all out with."

E.K., client

Ashley Wood