Week Six: Rise

Rise Week Six Video


The intention of this week is to connect to your intuition, your spirit guides, your cosmic team and to find peace within yourself to surrender, receive messages, trust what you hear and act accordingly. I like to call this stage RISING, because you’ve done all of the necessary inner work to get to a place where you can RISE to align and become your authentic, highest self.


Surrender, let go, exhale and release. Go into the rituals and activities without any expectation. Simply listen and allow your guidance to flow.


Listen to the ritual meditation every day.

Rise Week Six Mediation

You can download the meditation here.

Practice channeling from your intuition and guides in many different ways, find a way that feels comfortable and natural to you. Perhaps this is through intuitive writing? Or perhaps it’s through silent meditation? Or maybe it’s through channeling out loud with your eyes open. Or maybe it’s channeling out loud with your eyes closed?

You can also keep a journal beside your bed and start writing down your dreams when you wake up in the morning. This can also help connect you to your intuition and spirit guides. You receive messages in your dream every single night.

I channel out loud with my eyes closed, it’s how I receive messages and see pictures. It took me a while to learn this about myself so please be patient with yourself.

I also want to stress that when I first went into the Akashic Records and learned that reading them is my gift and my way to connect to Spirit, I got scared. I knew that my life was going to change forever and that there was no going back. I put the book away, I stopped meditating and took a two month break from every spiritual practice I have. I didn’t touch my crystals, I needed space away from everything. When I intuitively heard to go into the Records, I went back. And that’s when I started my practice. Please listen to your heart and your intuition. If you feel afraid at any point or overwhelmed or like you need time and space away, take it.

You are always on time. Everything is happening at the right time. It’s all coming, you’re always on time.