Week One: Ground

begin at the root, work up to the mind

Welcome! I’m so honoured to be guiding you in this journey. Let’s dive right in! Please begin by watching these two videos.

welcome video

Ground Video


In order to rise within the mind, we must first build a solid foundation.

The intention this week is to open your mind and body to the thoughts, limiting beliefs, truths, fears and doubts that may exist beneath the surface or that you’re hiding from.


The practice this week is to sit in stillness, participate in the active meditation while pushing past all distractions in your life so that you can be present with yourself, your thoughts and your emotions.

Other ways to GROUND:

  • Be in Nature
    If you have the ability to go outside and connect with nature, specifically putting your feet in the dirt, your hands in the grass, making physical connection with the Earth, do this. It will help support your mental focus. If you’re not able to be outdoors for whatever reason, bring plants into your home and spend time caring for them. Water them, prune them and even talk to them.

  • Eat Root Vegetables
    By eating foods that have grown in the Earth, your body feels grounded and connected to the Earth as it is digesting the food.


Listen to the ritual meditation every day.

Ground Meditation

You can download an mp3 of the meditation here.

Immediately after your meditation, sit somewhere quiet where you can have a “write and release” session. This means you take your pen to paper and write without thinking. Write everything that comes to mind. Allow all emotions to rise, all thoughts, everything. Judgment-free. Write it down, feel it and release it.