Week Five: Align

Align Video


To become aligned with your true self, to realize your beliefs, your desires, your authentic gifts, and to see yourself clearly for who you are on a soul level.  


When you were a child, before expectations and labels had been placed upon you, you were connected to your most authentic self. Children are led by their intuition. They know what they want to do, what they don’t want to do, who they trust, who they don’t trust, and they’re able to make these decisions within seconds because they follow their first inclination, their intuition. 

We are born with this. And with practice, we can relearn how to use it.


Listen to the ritual meditation every day.

Align Meditation

You can download the meditation here.

Respond to your intuitive messages when you receive them. Listen to your intuition and follow through. Strengthen that muscle. Remember, your intuition is the first voice you hear and your ego is the second.


There are two journal activities this week.

1) Write down the manifestations you currently have and the goals you are working to achieve. Why do you want to achieve them? Why did you take this course? Why are you working on yourself? How will achieving these goals or making these changes benefit your life? What will change? How will this benefit other people?

2) Write a new version of your story! One that’s free of limiting beliefs and shadows and, instead, focussed on the LIGHT that you are at your core! Share your new story in our Rise Together Facebook group if you feel comfortable doing so.