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Prepare to Rise as your authentic self

In the past six months, I have gained a sense of clarity that I’ve never had before. My ideas, ambition and creative output are focused and infinite. My bank account has never looked better. My manifestations rapidly actualize.

When I asked myself, “How did this happen?” I realized that it was because I began listening to my intuition.

Our intuition is our energetic connection to the universe, to the Divine.

When we hear or feel our intuition, it is our soul talking to us. When we act in alignment with our intuition we are reconnecting to the version of ourselves our soul is telling us to be. Our intuition can guide us to become the person our soul chose—our authentic self—before we were led astray by self-doubt, trauma or negative conditioning.

Like many of us, I found it hard to listen to my intuition. For many reasons, I would doubt, ignore or question what my intuition told me. I needed to do some major inner work to overcome these blocks and throughout this time I underwent a long process of reconnecting myself. What is reconnection? It is a journey of grounding, cleansing, healing and aligning which enabled me to Rise above my blocks and limiting beliefs and connect to my authentic self — the podcast host, the Akashic Records reader and healer, and the intuitive guide leading this course! It was nothing less than a complete transformation.

My journey of reconnection was not a straightforward path and I certainly didn't set out thinking, "I'm going to do all this hard inner work so I can hear my intuition telling me to start a podcast and read people's' Akashic Records." I had no way of knowing what was in store for me. I did it because I felt disconnected from myself and wanted the confidence and bravery to live my life for myself—whatever that looked like.

And now my journey has led me to share this process with you, because I am committed to helping women everywhere live their best life. 

This six-week online course is designed to help you mute the outside noise, overcome self-doubt, unblock self-belief, identify your intuition, and reconnect to the most authentic version of yourself. Everything in the course—the rituals, meditations, intentions, activities—combines my experiences, stories, knowledge, and channeled direction from our most trusted guides, the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones from the Akashic Records. At the end of the six weeks you will have the tools and rituals that you can use to heal and expand.

Take control of your life, access your unique authentic gifts, flow with your Divine Feminine Force, and RISE.

The course begins October 7, 2018.

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By enrolling in rise you will receive access to the following:

  • Weekly video lectures in which Ashley shares her story of how she overcame her limiting beliefs, unblocked her intuitive abilities, connected to her Divine gifts and transformed her life

  • A weekly guided meditation that is specific to each module's content and goals

  • Weekly intentions, practices, rituals and activities

  • A Soul Session virtual circle every Saturday where Ashley coaches you through each module and answers your questions

  • A virtual New Moon Circle

  • a virtual Full Moon Circle

  • Access to the private RISE Together Facebook group to find connection and support with the other women in this course

where does the course take place?

RISE is a 100% online course. Upon registration you will be asked to create a login to access the course materials on this site. We will use Zoom for our Moon Circles and Soul Sessions. The RISE Together group is a private Facebook group.

What is the ideal Time Commitment for this course?

While individual time commitments will vary, you will generally need between 30-60 minutes each day to mindfully engage in the inner work this course requires.

how long will i have access to this course?

Although we will work through the material together as a group over six weeks, inner work and Reconnection is never complete. Therefore, the course material never expires.

who is this course for?

RISE is for you if you are feeling disconnected from yourself and are ready to embark upon a journey of reconnection to your unique gifts, your intuitive abilities and your authentic self. We will work to overcome the source of your self-doubt, low self-esteem, lack of self-belief or any other block keeping you your true self. This requires heavy emotional inner work. Not everybody is at the point in their personal journey to do this work. Only you can decide whether now is the right time for you. Be aware and respectful of where you are at in your own personal journey.

when does the course begin?

The course begins October 7, 2018.



about your instructor

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Ashley Wood is an international Akashic Records reader, healer and intuitive guide dedicated to empowering women to live their best life. She is the host of the podcast Manifest This! and lives in Winnipeg, Canada with her husband, daughter and two cats.