One-On-One Akashic Records Reading & Healing Session


The Akashic Records provide insight and information on the journey of your soul. Reading your Akashic Records can provide answers, comfort, healing and peace. 

This is a one-on-one session that is conducted over the phone or through Skype, FaceTime, etc.

Length: 45 minutes

Cost: $222





The Akashic Records are a complete vibrational history of every emotion, thought and experience as well as future possibilities of every soul that has ever existed since the beginning of time.


The Akashic Records exist in a non-physical plane and can be accessed by “The Pathway Prayer”—a vibrational pattern of specific words and phrases which when bound together create an energetic bridge that Dr. Linda Howe received when in her own Records.

According to “The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ” by Levi H. Dowling, the word Akasha is a Sanskrit word that means "primary substance" that out of which all things are formed. It is the first stage of the crystallization of the spirit. The Akashic Records are governed and protected by a group of nonphysical Light Beings called the Lords of the Records. They determine who can access the Records and what information they can receive. They work with the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones by "downloading" the information that they will relay through each reading.

The Masters are highly ascended non-physical beings that have existed with you since the moment your soul was born. Each soul has a Master to guide it. The Teachers and Loved Ones are also non-physical beings but the Teachers may have been human at one point and the Loved Ones have been human at one point. Throughout your human experience, Teachers and Loved Ones are assigned to you to help guide you through the lessons that you are set to learn during your life.

Although the Teachers may or may not have known you during their time as humans, the Loved Ones have known you during their time on Earth.


Discover Your Soul's Divine Purpose


the process

Readings are generally client directed and begin with a short grounding meditation to raise our vibration, calm and centre us and move us into our heart centre, preparing to communicate with the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. I then open your Records channel information, insight and guidance from your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. 
Topics that are commonly explored are relationships, big decisions, disempowering patterns and blocks, finances, career, creativity, health, and more.

the focus

The Akashic Records provide insight and information on the journey of your soul. They are an infinite resources of information on your past lives, present life and future lives as well as your soul's Divine purpose. Past lives are fascinating and can provide us with information and clarity on blocks you may be experiencing. We will always receive a healing technique from the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones that you can apply to this life, allowing you to move closer to fulfilling your current Divine purpose.

the outcome

Reading your Akashic Records will provide you with a re-connection to your soul-level consciousness, your deepest knowing and enlightening information that can provide healing, peace, comfort and answers. Most importantly though, a reading provides an energetic transmission that is uplifting, inspiring and healing.
Your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones can help you find forgiveness, understanding, motivation and encouragement and can also provide clarity to help you understand yourself and your Divine purpose at the root level of consciousness. 


love notes

"The reading was transformational...Ashley is the real deal."


"The information Ashley channeled made me feel really incredible about my life and where I'm at."


"Complete validation that what Ashley does is the real deal...it's an amazing gift."


"She is kind, sensitive and highly intuitive. I felt supported and loved."


"Ashley possesses an amazing gift...I have no doubt she’s the real deal."


"It was so amazing...what you said fits and I’m eager to try all my new suggestions."


"I honestly believe it will change the trajectory of my life forever."


"The way you deliver the messages & teachings is so profound. Truly a healing gift!"


"I'm still struggling to put into words the magic that unfolded, the clarity I feel."


"I had the complete honour of trusting Ashley with accessing my soul's history. As soon as I was face to face with her via FaceTime, I immediately felt calm and surrounded by love (even through a computer she exudes light!). The reading was transformational and almost everything she said resonated with me. There were a few things she channeled that made no sense... but within a weeks time they all showed up in my life and gave me an ah-ha moment, which then brought clarity and direction for their need or use. Ashley is the real deal, both as a human being and an Akashic Record reader. If everyone had the opportunity to bask in her glow and heal from her gifts, our world would be a better place -- I think that may be her plan."

S.B, client


"I was extremely excited to work with Ashley and learn more about my soul and what guidance the Akashic Records wanted to share with me. I felt completely comfortable and calm working with Ashley in this rather intense and personal experience, even though we just met. The information Ashley channeled made a lot of sense and has, overall, made me feel really incredible about my life and where I’m at. It was so fun to learn about my soul and I highly recommend working with Ashley in this capacity, especially if you have any curiosities about past lives, what you should be doing, how you can best channel your passions in this life, etc. My advice: take time to think about the questions you want to ask. I was speechless at times during our session and it was very nice to have prepared questions on hand. I will definitely be working with Ashley in the future! A few hours after our session ended I already had a handful of ideas of what I want to ask next time. This is a wonderful service she provides and I’m honoured I got to work with her. Much love to Ashley. I really appreciated how Ashley took time to discuss what the experience was like for her (reading my Records), and we chatted for about 5-10 minutes about the most interesting and surprising things I learned during the reading. It was so cool to hear what she saw in more depth and just have someone to talk it all out with."

E.K., client


"I have been one of those fortunate enough to receive an Akashic Records reading from Ashley. She brought so much light and warmth to the reading, even though we had just met via Skype. During the reading a few things that she said made immediate sense, while others I could not draw a connection to. However, the next day, three very specific things that came up in my reading appeared to me in real life. It was complete validation that what Ashley does is the real deal. It's an amazing gift that can help people understand their soul and purpose through bringing clarity and comfort in knowing that there's more to life than just the everyday. Ashley has definitely found her own soul's purpose for this lifetime as an Akashic Records reader, and I can only hope to cross paths with her energy in the next lifetime!"

A.F., client


"I had such a wonderful experience with Ashley as she read my Records. She is kind, sensitive and highly intuitive. I felt supported and loved as she guided the reading. The information she channeled was both surprising and accurate, coinciding with parts of my soul in a really beautiful and clear way."

M.L., client


"Going into the first reading of my Akashic Records, I was excited, but incredibly nervous. Ashley’s authenticity and calmness immediately put me at ease and as our time together went on, I felt very safe and supported. Ashley possesses an amazing gift to connect us with the answers we seek, and I have no doubt she’s the real deal. Most of what came through during my reading made complete sense to me; it was almost like she validated what I already knew in my heart. As we debriefed afterwards, the few things that didn’t resonate as much started to make sense as well. It’s only been a few hours, but I already feel more confident in myself with the knowledge download I received through Ashley. I can’t thank her enough for sharing her gift and helping me align to my best self."

L.K., client


"Thank you for the reading yesterday. It was so amazing and different than what I thought. I thought it would uncover a more physically traumatic life. What you said fits and I’m eager to try all my new suggestions."

L.K., client


"I have no words to express how much my healing session with you this weekend meant to me. I am buzzing, I still haven’t come down from the magic of those 45 minutes. I honestly believe it will change the trajectory of my life forever. The amount of incredible advice and love I received in that short time period is enough to last a lifetime, and yet I also want to do 10 more sessions with you ASAP :).

To anyone considering booking a session with Ashley, please do it! You won’t be sorry. I've worked with other energy healers, reiki masters, etc, but nothing has come close to how helpful and accurate Ashley’s reading was. She has found what she is meant to do, and we are all so lucky to have the chance to benefit from her incredible gifts. We covered so much more in my session than I thought possible, and I left with all of my questions answered. I came away with both big picture ideas to contemplate as well very specific action items that I know will improve my life. Everything from my Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones felt dead on--it was so specific to me and what I needed to hear. I am getting goose bumps all over again just thinking about it. I've already had my mom book a session, and will continue to spread the word to people I hold dear."

J.H., client


"I can't believe how much I learned, & how much it resonated with me. This experience was a big push for me, something I would be so scared to do but I just *knew* I needed to hear what my Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones wanted to tell me. The way you deliver the messages & teachings is so profound. Truly a healing gift! My heart feels so much lighter. And I feel like I have the tools & wisdom & confidence to make headway in my life to go where I need. Wow!"

A.K., client


"I had my first Akashic Records reading with Ashley Wood earlier today. Nine hours later and I'm still struggling to put into words the magic that unfolded, the clarity I feel, the complete ease at which fully being myself is ok, the understanding of why my soul loves what she loves - why certain places are calling me back to them. Most of all the feeling of no longer needing outside validation - something I've longed for and fought so hard for in this life - something I've placed quite a bit of my value upon - that need, leaving my being, making way for authenticity -making way - for me."

H.S., client


“All the self reflection and counselling I've been trying over these past couple of years couldn't touch on this deep feeling.”

“I just wanted you to know that this practice had a very powerful effect on me. I felt different immediately (having done the practice that night) but wanted to wait and see how I'd feel in a week.

I can tell you that it's changed my life. I was someone who else felt a sense of impending doom, like I was constantly being judged and thus, was extremely vulnerable to anxieties, criticisms of others, and of myself. Since this practice, that sense of fear or anxiety is so greatly diminished that I feel normal for the first time since my early childhood. I'm aware of an anxious thought, but it's just another thought, it's power is all but gone. All the self reflection and counselling I've been trying over these past couple of years couldn't touch on this deep feeling. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help.”


T.M., client