A Natural Way to Supplement from 'A to Z' During Pregnancy and Beyond

As women and mothers, we are all different. We have different constitutions, values, lifestyles and diets. A health journey is a unique and personal thing, but however different our eating habits may be, it is generally agreed that plants are some of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Even if you do eat animal products, a diet rich in organic plant-based foods, containing an abundance of fruits and vegetables, is the healthiest way to eat. It's also the healthiest way to grow a baby!

Before having Ivy, I had no idea how powerful a whole-food, plant-based diet could be for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum recovery. From the moment of conception (which took one try), I enjoyed nine blissful months, free of strange cravings and typical pregnancy 'symptoms' from swelling to stretch marks and beyond. I had so much energy that I was able to walk for miles and miles each day and do prenatal yoga twice a week. Because I remained so active and ate so well, my body bounced back to a shape and size smaller and stronger than my pre-baby self shortly after giving birth.

I didn’t know anything about prenatal and postpartum nutrition before getting pregnant but I was hungry for knowledge. I was already eating a whole-food, plant-based diet but definitely had some cleaning up to do. As soon as I saw the + sign on the stick, I gave up caffeine, fried foods (chips and fries) and chocolate and began nourishing my cells and hers with the most nutrient-dense food possible. And rather than turning to the millions of books, blogs and online resources, I chose to read only two books on pregnancy and birth. “The Kind Mama” by Alicia Silverstone and “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth” by the renowned American midwife, Ina May Gaskin.

In her book, Ina May states, "One of the most important things that you can do during a pregnancy to be healthy and prevent complications is to eat a nutritious diet." She defines this as a vegetarian diet rich in protein, free of chemical additives and anything nature did not produce, with as many dark leafy greens (spinach, kale and collards), yellow vegetables (yams, carrots and sweet potatoes), legumes and nuts as possible.

These books aligned with my intuitive philosophies and desires around pregnancy and birth and provided me with everything I needed to feel confident, calm and prepared. When it came to supplements though, I was a little lost.

I started taking a prenatal vitamin during my first trimester but had stopped (with my midwife’s approval) once I entered my second trimester. I liked this vitamin because it was made from organic plants, but since I ordered it from the United States, the exchange rate and shipping costs made it too pricy to continue taking. I wanted to get all of the nutrition I needed from whole, unprocessed plants and had read that a vitamin wasn’t necessary.


When I was around twenty-one weeks pregnant, my legs were hurting a lot. After speaking with a friend, I learned that a calcium magnesium deficiency was potentially the reason for my pain. I was eating pounds and pounds of spinach each week, but it wasn’t enough. As soon as I started taking an algae-based supplement, my pain subsided.

From that point on, I did a lot of research on suitable supplements and vitamins to take while pregnant. I made sure to find ones that were 100% plant-based and as natural as possible. With my midwife’s approval, I also took an iron supplement, an omega DHA/EPA supplement, vitamin D and my usual B12 vitamin. Had I known that Pranin Organic’s Mom’s PureFood A to Z supplement existed, I could’ve gotten (almost) everything I needed in one product. I say almost because I personally would have had to (and as a breastfeeding mother still do) take a plant-based Omega DHA/EPA supplement for brain development.

Pranin Organic’s Mom’s PureFood A to Z supplement is crafted by a Naturopathic Doctor and made from 100% organic, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables are cold-processed so all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes are intact, providing an ultra nutrient dense boost for mothers and growing babies. It’s free from synthetic nutrients, added sweeteners, artificial colours, preservatives, flavourings and is entirely plant-based. I enjoy adding it to my Everyday Green Smoothie in the morning to start my day off with a boost of energy. And as a bonus, it’s made in Canada, so shipping and exchange rates aren’t an issue.

I personally felt absolutely amazing eating a plant-based diet during my pregnancy. Ivy was born healthy and has been since. My diet and lifestyle has also played a huge role in my healthy postpartum recovery. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says that a well-rounded plant-based diet is not only nutritionally adequate for all stages of pregnancy and lactation but is also associated with the treatment and prevention of numerous diseases. So, again, no matter what our different diets, we can all agree that the more plants we eat, the better. Plants provide our bodies and growing babies with energy, vitality, nutrients and LIFE!

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If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please check with your healthcare provider before taking Mom’s A to Z supplement or any other supplement.