Before beginning, take a moment to thank yourself for arriving to this work and making the commitment to rediscover and return to the person your soul chose to be in this life.

This workshop will guide you in identifying and releasing your fears. Are there things in your life you want but don’t pursue because of fear? Are you unable to let go of your fear and trust your spiritual growth? Do you know you have fears but don’t know how to identify and release them?

The following exercises, journal prompts and meditations are inspired by my work in the Akashic Records and will help you uncover and release the specific fears that are blocking you from life changes and personal growth.

Accessing the Akashic Records provides an energetic transmission at the root level of consciousness that is uplifting, inspiring and healing. The Records activate a reconnection to your deepest knowing and soul-level awareness, allowing you to become fully whole within your authenticity.

Going through this workshop will generate the same energetic shift within you, connecting you to your root level of consciousness and helping you to return to yourself.

Returning to yourself means rediscovering who you are on a soul level. Knowing yourself on this level places you in alignment with your true self and from there you can begin to make meaningful change that resonates with your soul and fulfills your core being.

This workshops guides you through this process of rediscovery and becoming. 

There are a few things to note before beginning.


To complete this workshop you will need:

- a pen

- a journal 

- a space where you feel completely relaxed and where you won’t be disturbed

- headphones for your meditations (this isn’t a necessity, especially if you are alone and undisturbed, but highly recommended as they help you sink into the hypnotic healing)

 - an open mind

T I M E  C O M M I T M E N T

This work is personal and everyone will need a different amount of time to complete the modules. We recommend that you dedicate at least 20-45 minutes to work through each module. You can choose if you prefer to work through all four modules in one day or break them up over the course of four days. You may find that you want to complete one module a few times before moving onto the next and that’s fine.


I like to call inner work “heavy lifting” because, to me, that’s exactly what it feels like. You will be confronting memories, limiting beliefs, pain, trauma—anything that’s been weighing you down—and lifting them up to free the real, authentic you beneath.

The Pinnacle stress the importance of self-care during this time. Make sure you’re able to get a lot of sleep, as much as you need, which perhaps will be more than you’re used to. Go to bed early, sleep in, take a nap—however you’re able to rest, please take the opportunity to do it. Take salt baths in the evening or long, hot showers, diffuse lavender essential oil for extra self-love. And remember to go easy on yourself; you’re heavy lifting. 

We also encourage you to tell someone you’re doing this work. Perhaps you have a family member, a friend or a partner that you can confide in. You may find it helpful to have someone to talk to throughout this process.

If this work brings up emotions that are too complicated to deal with on your own, we strongly encourage and support you in seeking out professional help.

F e a r

Whenever you experience resistance to something new, it most often stems from fear.

It seems natural that as humans we fear the unknown. Whether it’s a new experience, the future, or even the spiritual dimension to our existence, the unknown can be frightening. But our fear doesn’t always come from the place we think it does.

The Pinnacle have shared that every fear you have about the future is actually a memory of something you’ve already experienced or seen someone else experience, either in your current life or a past one. They remind you to remain present in this moment, because your fears (memories) cannot predict the future. Fears stem from the past, the present is where your attention should be, and the future is unknown.

But what about fear of our spiritual selves—connecting to your Inner Knowing, tapping into the energy of The Pinnacle, or entering your Akashic Records?

I’ve talked to many people who are interested in working with the Akashic Records or calling in The Pinnacle but have a lot of fear about what they’ll see, hear and learn.

And to them, and you, I say: Remember, the Akashic Records are the history of your soul and The Pinnacle guide you—no one else, just you! So, all of this, The Pinnacle, the Akashic Records, the energetic vibrations you feel, it’s all you! 

So, if it’s all you, then ask yourself: Are you scared of knowing yourself on a deeper level?

That’s what we need to uncover in this workshop.

It’s important to have the skills to identify your fears when you feel stuck or resistant to something so that you bring them into your awareness. This is the first step. Only when you’ve become aware of your fears can you work with and through them.


Fear Meditation Link

Click HERE to download the meditation.


What did it feel like to build your tent? Did you experience resistance?

What did you hear from yourself in the tent?

Are you afraid of yourself?

What are your fears?

Were you surprised by them?

H o n e s t y

Now that you’ve brought your fears into your awareness, the next step in surrendering to and releasing your fears is to be fully honest about them to yourself and others.

I have read the Akashic Records of so many people who hold their fears deep within them and keep them to themselves. Often their fear is about the journey to know themselves on a deeper level or to pursue something they know will change their life. They’re aware of their fears and where they come from, but they don’t release them and therefore can’t move forward. 

The Pinnacle say to share their fears with someone in their life because sharing your fears with a partner, friend or family can open you up to receiving the support you need to move forward.

Often these clients are hesitant. They say that if they share their fears, they feel like they’ll be looked at differently. If you feel like you won’t receive the support you need, begin by expressing your fears out loud to yourself before finding someone you can share with. 

The Pinnacle have shared that once you express your fears out loud, whether just to yourself or to others, you’re taking the next step to releasing them and that they cannot live in the light once they’ve been released.


Honesty Meditation Link

Click HERE to download the meditation.


Did your highest self come forward in your tent to support you?

Did anyone from your life come forward in your tent to act as a support to you?

Did anyone from your cosmic team in the non-physical realm come forward in your tent to act as a support to you?

Were you able to express your fears?

How did you feel when you did so?

What did you hear from them?

How do you feel now?

A c t i o n 

Working through your fears may seem daunting but The Pinnacle have provided the most beautiful and supportive exercise that’s simple, requires minimal time and uses a tool that you always have with you—your breath.

Before taking action on anything, your breath can support you. It can do so much more than calm you. Your breath can provide a sense of control, a change in your patterns, behaviours and routine, and a sense of strength. 

I read for a client who wanted a move and change in her career. In her heart and Inner Knowing, she knew that these changes were right for her. She even subconsciously knew the steps she needed to take to make this happen for herself. But she was resistant to the change she knew she needed because of fear. 

She said she felt like she had no choices or options. The Pinnacle responded by telling her, “Change your routine with your breath.”

They told her to stop spending her break in the break room scrolling her phone and feeling down about where she was. Instead, they shared that she should go outside and breathe. They said that she needed to take back the time she does have at work to create a new routine of focussing within and breathing. After a short period of time, her focused breath, the fresh air and the newfound space in her day would provide her with the clarity and strength she needed to move forward.

They shared a similar message with another client who felt like she didn’t have any control over her time. Even though her days were full of meetings and it may seem to her like she didn’t have any control over her time, she actually did. They said that she should use the time in between meetings, whether it’s five minutes or twenty minutes, to remain in the present and take control of her breath. Rather than giving what free time she does have to what’s to come (the next meeting), she should sit in stillness with her feet planted on the floor, close her eyes or keep them open (whatever feels most comfortable to her) and to breathe. Doing this would change her day immensely by creating new routines and patterns and empowering herself to manage her own time.

So simple, right? Just focus on our breath. But it can be a challenge to close ourselves off from worries about what’s to come and reorient our self in the present. 

The following breathwork exercise was channeled by The Pinnacle to help create boundaries in your life that are necessary for self-development. If you feel you don’t have space to process your fears, how will you overcome them?

Breathe through this, allow your breath to build up energetic walls for you, and create space and time to expand your relationship with yourself. 

Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes.
Place your hands in your lap or by your side or over your heart (whatever feels most comfortable to you)
Breathe in deeply through your nose.
Hold for 10 seconds.
Exhale through your mouth for 10 seconds.
Repeat for 10 breaths at least twice a day.
Allow your own fresh oxygen to create energetic space for you within your life. 

This exercise is also a beautiful and supportive ritual to practice before entering the Akashic Records, especially if you have fear about what you may see or experience. Try this ritual for at least a week, visualizing the space you’re creating between yourself and the fears (that are not you, are just attaching onto you) and when you feel as though you’ve created space, attempt to open the Records. 

S u r r e n d e r

Now that you’ve given air to your fears, it’s time to surrender and release them.

Releasing your fears means detaching them from yourself. Remember, your fears are not you. You control your energy. You can choose to give energy to these fears or you can release them. As humans, this is a lifelong practice that can become stronger and easier with time and consistency. Everything you’re given, you can handle. Everything you fear, you can face. Everything you don’t know is already within you, waiting to be discovered.


Surrender Meditation Link

Click HERE to download the meditation.

What did your cosmic support team share with you?

What did your highest self share with you?

What actions will you take to overcome your fears moving forward?


* * *

Congratulations on completing this program! You should feel proud of yourself for taking this step in your journey of self-discovery. Now is a good time to reflect on the massive growth you’ve experienced over the past few days. 

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