Before beginning, take a moment to thank yourself for arriving to this work and making the commitment to rediscover and return to the person your soul chose to be in this life.

This workshop is designed to be a reintroduction to yourself. Maybe you’ve come here because you’re feeling lost, or stuck and are looking for guidance. Or maybe you don’t even know who you are anymore; you want change but don’t know how to even begin.

The following exercises, journal prompts and meditations are inspired by my work in the Akashic Records and will help you create a map of your time, your space, your energetic consumption and your Top Values. This is your map back to yourself.

Accessing the Akashic Records provides an energetic transmission at the root level of consciousness that is uplifting, inspiring and healing. The Records activate a reconnection to your deepest knowing and soul-level awareness, allowing you to become fully whole within your authenticity. 

Going through this workshop will generate the same energetic shift within you, connecting you to your root level of consciousness and helping you to return to yourself.

Returning to yourself means rediscovering who you are on a soul level. Knowing yourself on this level places you in alignment with your true self and from there you can begin to make meaningful change that resonates with your soul and fulfills your core being.

This workshops guides you through this process of rediscovery and becoming. 

There are a few things to note before beginning.


To complete this workshop you will need:

- a pen

- a journal 

- a space where you feel completely relaxed and where you won’t be disturbed

- headphones for your meditations (this isn’t a necessity, especially if you are alone and undisturbed, but highly recommended as they help you sink into the hypnotic healing)

- an open mind


This work is personal and everyone will need a different amount of time to complete the daily modules. We recommend that you dedicate at least 20-45 minutes a day to work through the material, either when you wake up in the morning or in the evening before you go to bed. You may find that you want to complete one module a few times before moving onto the next and that’s fine.


I like to call inner work “heavy lifting” because, to me, that’s exactly what it feels like. You will be confronting memories, limiting beliefs, pain, trauma—anything that’s been weighing you down—and lifting them up to uncover the real, authentic you beneath.

The Pinnacle stress the importance of self-care during this time. Make sure you’re able to get a lot of sleep, as much as you need, which perhaps will be more than you’re used to. Go to bed early, sleep in, take a nap—however you’re able to rest, please take the opportunity to do it. Take salt baths in the evening or long, hot showers, diffuse lavender essential oil for extra self-love. And remember to go easy on yourself; you’re heavy lifting. 

We also encourage you to tell someone you’re doing this work. Perhaps you have a family member, a friend or a partner that you can confide in. You may find it helpful to have someone to talk to throughout this process.

If the work brings up emotions that are too complicated to deal with on your own, we strongly encourage and support you in seeking out professional help.


Begin by listening to this teaching channeled from the Akashic Records.

becoming teaching

Day 1: Ground

You must slow down in order to move forward

The Akashic Records teach that grounding is the first step to everything. In order to know our true and authentic self, receive answers or tune into our inner guidance, we must first ground. 

Grounding requires us to quiet our busy minds in order to exist in the present moment. It is a practice of observing and intentionally selecting our thoughts and actions in each moment. Over time, as we’re better able to remain in the present, life no longer feels like it’s happening to you. You become the active driver in your own life.

In a client reading, it was recommended by The Pinnacle for her to sit for 10 minutes every morning after she woke up and every evening before she went to bed with her eyes closed, breathing in through her nose and out through her mouth. That’s it. No expectation of connecting to guides or her Inner Knowing—nothing. Just sitting there. Releasing control. Not watching the time. Just sitting.

She laughed after hearing this. The Pinnacle said, “We know you think this is ridiculous and you don’t know why we’re asking you to do this, but it’s a practice of surrendering and releasing. You must slow down in order to move forward.”

When I read the Akashic Records, everything I’m sharing with my clients is information already within them. All that I do, with the help of The Pinnacle, is energetically dig it up from within their soul and relay the answers and guidance to them. My gift is to clearly and easily channel this information for people, but, with work, everyone has the ability to access it.

We carry all of the answers within ourselves. We are our own healers, our own teachers and our own guides. But in order to access this information, we need to be able to slow our minds and turn our focus inwards.

Trouble Grounding?

If you’re struggling to sit in stillness or you are doing it but are still feeling some form of disconnect from yourself, the best thing to do is go into nature. Go outside, to a park or maybe you’re backyard, take off your shoes and let your feet sink into the grass or dirt. Run your hands through the grass and make a physical connection to the Earth. This will help clear your mind and ease any tension that’s stored within your body.

If you can go outside, take advantage of this. Take your shoes off and let your feet sink into the dirt. Run your hands through the grass and make a physical connection to the Earth. This will help clear your mind and ease any tension that’s stored within your body.

If the weather doesn’t allow you this option, you can also ground indoors by bringing nature to you. Bring plants into your home and spend time caring for them. Water them, prune them and even talk to them! You can also try a grounding mat, which mimics the energetic vibration that you feel in nature, with your feet on the earth. With or without a mat, though, it’s the intention that matters. 

The Pinnacle have also shared that eating foods that have grown in the Earth will also help ground you. Root vegetables, like carrots, beets, yams, ginger, daikon, turmeric and potato naturally ground and ground our bodies. 



(Click here to download the meditation)

This exercise guides you to your own Inner Knowing through a guided hypnotic healing meditation. Sit down with your feet flat on the floor/ground, relax and allow your body and mind to drift into the theta brain state. This is the pathway to learning, memory, and your Inner Knowing. Listen to this recording as often as you need. It is recommended to integrate it into your routine every morning or every evening going forward.

Day 2: Get Organized

You cannot see yourself if there’s too much in the way.

In order to have the clarity needed to connect to your true self, you must remove the distractions. Distractions can take many forms but are most often those things that are always in the back of your mind—half-finished projects, neglected to-do lists, unreturned emails or phone calls, cleaning your home, overdue bills, unresolved tension with friends or family.

Take stock of these distractions and ask yourself why you’ve been putting off dealing with them. Then take care of them. 

Energy sticks in things. When a room is cluttered and disorganized—clothes piled on the floor or dirty dishes always stacked in the sink—you can absorb those same feelings, whether you realize it or not. Energy needs to move freely through a space and in order to do that, it needs space to move. Ask yourself, what does how you keep your home say about how you feel about yourself or where you’re at in life?

I learned in the Akashic Records to not keep anything on the floor that isn’t necessary and to discard of any belonging that doesn’t align with my happiness. I currently don’t own anything that I don’t use. Everything I own is intentional, from clothing to kitchen appliances to linens.

Removing distractions is also an opportunity to take care of your financial health, as well. Do you have unpaid bills? Disorganized bank accounts? Do you check your statements? Do you know when your auto-payments come out of your account? Remember, how you spend is a reflection of how you feel about yourself.

These things may not seem important in your journey of rediscovery, but when you’re free from these distractions, your life can move along in a state of ease, which allows you to focus your energy on yourself and the things that matter most to you.

There is no meditation for today, but you can always return to the Grounding meditation if you feel you need to align your vibration.

Day 3: Create Space

It’s quite difficult to return to yourself when you don’t make time for yourself. This can be especially difficult if you have a packed schedule, and your day consists of running from commitment to meeting to commitment to meeting. By the time you come home you’re so depleted and exhausted that you zone out on the couch watching Netflix.

This was the case for one of my clients. In a reading, The Pinnacle suggested that she begin dating herself. They said that in order to get to know herself again, in order to discover her interests and passion, her life purpose, she has to make space in her day to be with herself. 

Set aside time for yourself each week. Or every day, if you’re able to do this. Take yourself out for coffee or tea and sit with yourself, without distractions, and journal. Go for a meditative walk in nature or take a slow yin yoga class. This will look different for everyone, so however you connect to yourself and your thoughts, make the commitment to date yourself and rediscover who you really are.


day 3 meditation

(Download the meditation here)

This exercise guides you to your own Inner Knowing through a guided hypnotic healing meditation. Sit down with your feet flat on the floor/ground, relax and allow your body and mind to drift into the theta brain state. This is the pathway to learning, memory, and your Inner Knowing. Listen to this recording as often as you need.


After you’ve completed the meditation, grab your journal and describe what you saw in the guided hypnotic healing.

What did your perfect day look like?

What was around you?

What did you see?

How did you feel?

What were you doing?

How did you look?

Who was with you?

How did you spend your time?

How do you believe your life was structured?

These are all important questions to ask yourself because whatever you saw in your meditation, whatever your subconscious self (aka your soul) was showing you is the true essence of what you desire. Your mind painted a picture of it, now record it and believe it. It’s all there for you. 

Day 4: Top Values

The date you were born was chosen by you. The time you were born was chosen by you. You also chose your parents, your family—everything has been chosen by you. Your life is so much more intelligently designed than you may be giving yourself credit for and when you surrender to who you actually are, not who you want to be or who you think you should be or who everyone else thinks you should be, but who your soul has chosen to be, that’s when you really begin to flow! That’s when you return to yourself.

The way the Akashic Records have taught me to understand manifesting and creating the life that we want to live is that when we manifest from our soul’s desire we are also benefiting the collective, because when we are in alignment with our authentic self, we are shining at our brightest and lighting up the Universe with our gifts. When we manifest from our ego, which means we’re calling in the life that we think we should have to impress others or live up to something we think we should be, we don’t get those things or we don’t get them as easily because it’s not in alignment with the greater good. 

All of this is nice to know but not very helpful if you’re not aware of what your soul (the real you) requires to feel happy, fulfilled, inspired and in alignment.

This is where ‘Top Values’ come into play.

Knowing your Top Values, the key components that are most important to your soul. When they are structured, steady and secure, you feel in control, content and comfortable.

My Top Values are:

Family: the majority of my time, at all times, is spent with my family.  

Freedom: with my time, finances and decisions. 

Wellness: I have a physically, spiritually and emotionally well mind and body.

Limitless Expansion: I am seen, heard and share with people around the world. 

When I am creating my life with these four Values in place, my priorities are in check and the decisions I am making are in alignment with my soul’s desire.  

There is no meditation for today, but you can always return to the Grounding meditation if you feel you need to align your vibration before completing the journal exercise.


This is an exercise that was given to me in the Records. First, think about your day.

Where do you spend your time?

What are you doing?

Who is receiving your attention?

Now think about what you wish you were doing. If you could free up space, what would that look like?

Create space in your journal to make two lists, side by side. On the left side, make a list of everything you want to be doing in a day. On the right side, make a list of everything you think you should be doing or are doing in a day. Once you are finished, look at the list.

How many points on the left side are also on the right side?

Can you spot your Top Values from these lists?

Day 5: Energy Cleanse 

We make ‘energetic consumption’ decisions every single minute of every single day. From the conversations we have, to the television shows we watch, to the accounts we follow on social media, to the music we listen to, we are constantly consuming energy from outside influencers. And as the saying goes “where attention goes, energy flows.” If you’re struggling to return to yourself and hear your Inner Knowing, it’s important to set up energetic boundaries to everything that isn’t serving you.

Saying ‘no’ to things that don’t serve your happiness is incredibly empowering and freeing. The word ‘no’ allows you to establish energetic boundaries to everything that isn’t serving you. It allows you to put yourself first—your needs, your energy, and your commitment to aligning with your true self. 

In the past, I always said ‘yes’ to extended family gatherings or other family activities that I didn’t want to do and knew would leave me feeling hurt, angry or energetically drained. I only said yes because of the guilt I would feel at disappointing my mom (her guilt-tripping didn’t help, either). Recently, I’ve begun to stand in my power and self-worth and have declined invitations to things that were either more of a hassle for my family and I to attend (we live in different cities) or just didn’t want to do—for no other reason than that. At first, there was tension between my mom and I but the more I do it, the more I feel like I’m in control of my time, my happiness and the well-being of my family.

The more you tap into your Inner Knowing and start saying ‘no’ to things as you encounter them, you may start to see that you need to undergo energetic cleanses in whole areas of your life—friends, habits, even a job.

For the majority of my life, and up until very recently, I chose friendships that were unbalanced. I had two groups of friends: people who made me feel like I had all of the answers and others who made me feel like I wasn’t as worthy as them. Either I felt like I was always giving out free life coaching services or I felt like I was doing everything in my power to feel accepted by them. After having my daughter I realized I had to change this.

I went through a major ‘friend cleanse.’ It wasn’t easy. I shed a lot of tears and felt very lonely, but it was necessary and I did it without any dramatic breakups. For the ‘life coaching’ friends, I put up boundaries with my time by not instantly replying to text messages, not dishing out advice and not engaging in conversations that went round and round. With the other group of friends, I just stopped reaching out and, not surprisingly, I didn’t hear from them anymore.

After I made space in my life to respect my energy, I met new friends who matched my energetic needs.

Another energetic cleanse I made was with the TV shows I watched. I used to watch the television program This is Us. I’m always late to the game when it comes to anything entertainment related, so when I first learn of This Is Us, I binged the first few seasons on Netflix. I remember watching episode after episode and feeling completely distraught after each one, bawling my eyes out and feeling a total disconnect from my own reality. But I kept watching. And when I was finished watching all of the episodes on Netflix, I eagerly waited for new episodes to air on TV. Every time I watched the show though, I felt the same. Unhappy. Depressed. Low. Finally one night I asked myself, “What are you doing?” and never watched it again. 

I’ve done similar things with music and social media accounts, as well as with caffeine and alcohol which I’ve completely cut from my life after realizing they were keeping me from fully tuning into my energetic gifts and preventing me from getting to know myself on a soul level. On their own, each thing we say ‘no’ to seems small, but cleansing your life of anything that isn’t serving you helps clear the path back to yourself, your power and your gifts.

Who and what do you need to start saying ‘no’ to? Let’s find out.

There is no meditation for today, but you can always return to the Grounding meditation if you feel you need to align your vibration before completing the journal exercise.

J O U R N A L 

It’s so important to make conscious decisions about the energy you’re allowing into your life. If you’re unsure of the energy you’re allowing into your life, where it comes from and how it affects you, today we’re going to create a system that helps you track it. Create a chart in your journal that details the hours of every day of this week. For example:


8:00 am

9:00 am

10:00 am

11:00 am

12:00 pm

From the moment you wake up, check in with yourself every hour and chart how you feel. At the end of the day, review your high moments and your low moments. What were you doing during the low moments?

Grab your journal and go deeper. 

What were you doing during the low moments?

What were you doing during the high moments?

Were the energetic consumptions during the low moments necessary? 

How are these energetic consumptions serving you? 

Can you release them? 

If not, how can you process this energy into something greater (like gratitude, expansion, etc.)

Review the larger trends you see over the course of a few days or a week. Are there certain people that are always present during your low moments? Is your mindset affected by your job, the people you’re around, your family, your home? Are your daily habits (binging Netflix, scrolling social media—it could even be specific shows or accounts) enabling or hindering your happiness? Are they helping or preventing you from achieving your goals? Find what is and isn’t serving you, your happiness, your personal goals, and your self-worth.

Day 6: Trust Your Inner Knowing

The goal of this workshop is to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to know yourself on a soul level. Throughout the past five days, you’ve made time and space for yourself, identified your Top Values, established boundaries that respect your needs and cleansed your life of energetic consumptions that weren’t serving you and your happiness. 

Once you’ve finished this workshop, I want you to be able to continue prioritizing yourself every day. And here’s how: you need to hear and respond to your intuition. In every situation. Every day. By doing this over time, you’ll create new habits that serve your happiness and your goals.

It’s one thing to hear your intuition or your Inner Knowing during a meditation or while journaling; it’s another to find your intuitive knowing and use inner strength it provides when being tested on your boundaries or having someone challenge your self-worth after you’ve made space to focus on yourself. In these moments, it’s as important as ever to know how to hear, respond and trust your Inner Knowing. Because when you prioritize yourself, you will be challenged. But these challenges are what allow us to grow closer to and stronger in our soul level awareness of ourselves.

Our Inner Knowing isn’t a hidden dimension that only a trained practitioner can access for you. It’s not something unlocked only once you’ve developed a mature meditation practice. It’s there for all of us, and we hear it all the time. So, the question is not, “How do I hear my Inner Knowing?” It’s, “Am I listening to my Inner Knowing when it speaks?”


Today, we’re going to learn how to hear and respond to our Inner Knowing by going through a daily exercise of intuitive eating. Everybody eats and everybody has an Inner Knowing. So this is the perfect exercise for you to take a few moments out of your day to hear your Inner Knowing and, most importantly, listen to what it’s telling you.

Why intuitive eating?

In a recent client reading, The Pinnacle shared that there’s a little voice (which, they said, is actually their ‘voice’) that tells you before you are about to eat something if it’s supportive to your body or not. This voice is not to be confused by ego, shame or guilt. You can tell it’s not one of these because this voice is gentle and supportive. It does not judge you if you choose not to listen and it returns every time when you’re about to eat.

This voice is within you as well, and today, we’ll tune into it.

All day today, I want you to eat for you. Not because of how someone has told you to eat or how you’ve read to eat on a blog or in a book. Eat for you. Not what you feel you should eat because of something you saw on Instagram. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, pause before eating and listen.

What do you hear?

What is your Inner Knowing sharing with you? 

If you don’t hear anything, close your eyes, place your hands on your belly and ask:

What does my body truly want right now? 

Do I want to eat this?

Will this support my health and body?

How will I feel after I eat this? 

Do I want to eat this?

J O U R N A L 

Grab your journal and reflect on the following questions.

How did you feel today before each meal?

Did you hear your Inner Knowing speak to you before you ate?

What did it say?

How did you feel after each meal?

What did you learn about your body?

Is your current diet/eating habits supporting you?

There is no meditation for today, but you can always return to the Grounding meditation if you feel you need to align your vibration.

* * *

Congratulations on completing this program! You should feel proud of yourself for taking this step in your journey of self-discovery. Now is a good time to reflect on the massive growth you’ve experienced over the past few days. 

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