"You are the definition of health. I strive to be like you - one of my biggest inspirations."


"People are making a change, step by step. Some of that change is thanks to you, so be proud! Watching your lifestyle and how you guys eat makes me want to keep evolving and eating even better."


"I'm on a mom (yet) but I am going through a health and fitness journey and I find your stories so friendly and calming and motivating. I one day look forward to being as wholesome and caring of a woman and mother as yourself."


Laura says:

"I cooked your Thai noodles recipe, with slight variations due to what I had available. No tofu or curry paste... but used some red bell pepper alongside the other veggies and also some apple cider vinegar in the peanut sauce with some dashes of Siracha at the end. SO DAMN GOOD. I have been plant-based, whole foods since last Thursday. One whole week. Sunday was hard....I was totally detoxing and was feeling like a train wreck but pushed through and am already amazed at the entire process.

I am not evening craving any of the other stuff I used to eat. I feel a shift in my palate and what I'm desiring to eat and it's all fruits and veggies. My jeans are already feeling like they fit a little better. My mood is feeling more balanced. Rather than having tons of moments during the day when my blood sugar would bottom out (due to eating crap that wasn't nutrient dense), I feel like hunger isn't so scary anymore (I used to get shaky and sick when hunger would strike).

I've said it before but I'm grateful to have found your page. Thank you for inspiring me to have the courage to do something life-changing that I've always had the desire to do but was once too scared and very misinformed. Like tonight's meal proves.....whole foods doesn't mean gross or starving!"

Gabrielle says:

"Your blog/Instagram and recipes have really inspired me to live a healthier life, good for the body and soul. I always thought vegan/vegetarian cooking would be complicated but it has been such an inspiration to put the joy into cooking again and I feel so much better about the things I'm putting into my body. It's not a complete change but a change is gradual and I have you to thank for that!" 

May says:

"You give me peace. It's like once I watch you speaking (on Instagram) I feel like yes, I might be able to calm myself to eat right and it's not a big deal to wake up a bit early to the sun."

Natalie says:

"Thank you for being a very inspiring, strong woman. I love that you are open and honest with your audience. I feel like I can come to your blog and there's no bulls*** about keeping up appearances. You really write from the heart."

"I wanted to let you know that 10 weeks ago I started a course designed to improve my health and it is completely plant based. So, I have been vegan for the last 10 weeks. My blood sugars have gone down to the normal range, my blood pressure is in the low to normal range, my cholesterol is below normal and I have lost 25 pounds. I doubt I ever could have done this without the inspiration that you have given me over the last few years so I thank you for that."

Charlotte says:

"I've been following you for at least a year now! Your lifestyle is such an inspiration just because of your positivity alone!"


"My daughter and I are now making green smoothies and loving every minute of it. Keep being you because every day I feel more and more pulled to a healthier lifestyle!"


"Gosh, you are such an inspiration. I love your attitude towards parenting. Thank you!"


"I wanted to tell you... you have challenged me with my thinking and healthy eating habits... I can't say that I've gone completely vegan yet, but I have made some significant changes. And I'm working on introducing my husband (used to be a major milk drinker and last time I got it for him he forgot about it... he's officially off the dairy!) to meatless eating. Thank you for the inspiration and the encouragement as a mama. It's the hardest sweetest thing we can ever do!"