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Ashley Wood is an international Akashic Records reader and speaker whose channeled wisdom on self-love, wellness and lifework empowers people to trust the inner knowledge and guidance we all carry within us.  

Ashley was born into this life for this work. After discovering that her energetic gifts have been in her soul lineage for centuries, Ashley launched her practice in 2018 and has supported hundreds of clients, including celebrities and elite athletes, in over 75 countries around the world.

Her approach to channeling wisdom from “The Pinnacle,” the group of Universal Energies she works with, is grounded in her relatable and personal human nature. She offers guidance and support through workshops and courses, guided meditations and one-on-one client sessions. She is also the host of the grounded spirituality podcast MANIFEST THIS, where she shares her personal journey and channeled teachings, as well as the stories of modern spiritual leaders accessing their inner wisdom and living in alignment with their authentic truth.

Though Ashley possesses natural talents, she doesn’t believe her story is unique. We are all born with gifts to share with the world and hers is to help you remember yours.




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Ep 39: Seeking your soul's purpose and exploring the Akashic Records with Ashley Wood

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Ep 11: From Hustling Blogger to Thriving Spiritual Leader, A Game-Changing Money Mindset and Ritual, Living Your Divine Purpose — Ashley Wood