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For as long as I can remember, I have had a deep connection to Divine Spirit. Growing up with my Grandmother as my first spiritual guide, she taught me about tarot, reading tea leaves, palms and communicating with spirits. 

When I got pregnant in 2015, I opened up a type of connection to the spirit world that I had never experienced before. I communicated with my daughter’s soul during pregnancy, I learned about her past-life experience, I communicated with spirit guides, and my intuitive abilities became stronger.

After Ivy was born, my abilities continued to strengthen. I experienced communicative and astral projection dreams, received messages from my husband’s late grandmother, officially met my spirit guides and began utilizing the Law of Attraction to manifest the kind of life I want to live.

Divinely guided, I launched my podcast Manifest This! in early 2018 and from that, connected with a woman who introduced me to the Akashic Records. I always knew I was designed to help others and reading the Records is how. Through reading my own Records, I learned that I have been working with the Akashic Records for years in past lives and that sharing the information they provide with others is part of my Divine soul journey.


Ashley is an International Akashic Records Reader, psychic intuitive and spiritual guide. She accesses the Records to inspire, guide and teach people from around the world to ignite their intuition and re-connect to their authentic self. She is the host of Manifest This!, an internationally recognized and respected podcast that grounds modern spirituality through conversations that remove the 'woo' and are easy and fun to listen to. Ashley is passionate about yoga, vegan living, animals and the outdoors. Although she resides in Winnipeg, Canada with her husband Ben and daughter Ivy, they warm up in California as often as possible.





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