GPP #01:
Ruby Warrington on Nu Ways for the New Year


Ruby Warrington is the founder of The Numinous and the author of Material Girl, Mystical World: The Now Age Guide to a High Vibe Life and a spiritual, wellness guru - the perfect first guest for the Good People podcast! 

Currently located in New York City but hailing from London, England, Ruby is a former Features Editor for the UK Sunday Times Style supplement. She still writes extensively in the mainstream media and works as a lifestyle consultant for brands including Buick, Lululemon, Unilever, and Selfridges. Ruby is also the co-founder of “sober curious” events series Club SÖDA NYC and online spiritual mentoring program Moon Club.  

I am so, so excited to share this conversation that I had with Ruby. It's inspiring, entertaining, informative and perfectly fitting for the new year. 


In This Episode You'll Learn About...

  • how Ruby got into astrology and decided to embrace her "mystic" roots

  • what she did when she found herself in her dream job but completely unhappy

  • what The Numinous is and why she started it

  • the changes Ruby made in her life (and diet) to find happiness and wholeness

  • Ruby's views on healing and service

  • what it means to Do Your Dharma

  • 'Sober Curious'


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