GPP: #05 Nicole Ryan on Discovering Her Indigenous Roots and Choosing to Have One Child


Today's episode is so special because not only am I featuring a local lady (what up Winnipeg!) but Nicole's story about discovering her roots, motherhood and how being around plants and foliage has inspired the creation of her business and her life is so inspiring. Also, towards the end of the episode we talk about choosing to have one child, a choice that as a 'one and done' mother myself, I can completely relate to. I hope you love this episode as much as I love sharing it! 


In This Episode You'll Learn About...

  • how staying home to raise her son influenced Nicole to start her own business

  • how Cree Ryan was born

  • how social media, Instagram in particular, has helped Nicole find her customers and build her business

  • Nicole's experience growing up in a white, Christian community as an Indigenous woman

  • Nicole's journey discovering her Indigenous roots

  • how the Universe has perfectly aligned Nicole's dreams and visions

  • a dream that Nicole had when she was pregnant that changed her life and idea of motherhood

  • advice Nicole has for other mothers who want to own their own business

  • Nicole's decision to have only one child


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