GPP #03: Laura Wright on Family, Foundation & Doing Good Work

Laura-Wright-1 copy.jpg

The Good People Podcast is one week old! What better way to celebrate than to chat with award-winning photographer, author, blogger and recipe developer Laura Wright from The First Mess? 

Besides being a fellow Canadian (!) and seriously talented, Laura is so cool, laid back, intelligent and down-to-Earth-kind. I hope you enjoy our chat! 


In This Episode You'll Learn About...

  • growing up around Laura's 'real food' family table

  • who Laura credits for her strong work ethic

  • the dinner that changed Laura's eating disposition and career path

  • Laura's experience winning the Special Diets Blog, Editors' Choice Saveur Best Food Blog Award in 2014 

  • how she secured a book deal

  • what life is like after releasing her cookbook

  • Laura's recommendations on how you should stock your fridge and pantry

  • her favourite American grocery items (from one Canadian to another) 



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