GPP #9: Finding Magic in the Unknown


The Good People Podcast is one month old today! This podcast has become my most favourite work I’ve ever done – and I’m only a month into it! I’m so grateful for the conversations that I’m having with amazing women and for the INCREDIBLE messages that I’ve been receiving from all of you listening. Thank you so much for the support so far, for tuning in and listening, for reviewing the show, for sharing it with your friends… all of it helps so much and I appreciate it!

Today we are going to talk about taking risks, about stepping out of your comfort zone, about finding magic in the uncomfortable, about expanding and growing, about frequencies and vibrations and about gratitude.

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In This Episode You'll Learn About...

  • taking risks and why Ashley believes it's important to do so

  • how Ashley turns her 'dreamland goals' into realities

  • stepping out of the comfort zone and finding magic in the uncomfortable

  • how expanding and growing will improve your life

  • what 'frequency' and 'high vibe' means 

  • how you can expand and explore in your own life

  • a gratitude practice that Ashley promises will raise your vibration

  from @abrahamhickspublications Instagram account

from @abrahamhickspublications Instagram account

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Happy. Thank You. More Please.