GPP #11: Self-Love, Spirit Guides & Solitude



We're also talking about LOVE today. Self-love, the inner voice, how to make peace with negative thoughts and how to truly align with your manifestations. I touch on meditation, how to connect with your spirit guides and share a few stories on how powerful our thoughts really can be! 

In This Episode You'll Learn About...

  • an announcement that Ashley reveals

  • why we may struggle to love ourselves 

  • where that negative inner voice comes from

  • a book recommendation on past-life therapy

  • why Ashley believes meditation is one of the best practices we can do for ourselves

Show Notes

ep. 01: Ruby Warrington on Nu Ways for the New Year
ep. 02: Things I Have to Tell You
Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L Weiss, MD
Abraham Hicks
Guided Meditation to Connect with Your Spirit Guide
Guided Meditation to Connect with Your Spirit Guide

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